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Certification in Infection Control(CIC)

Certification in Infection Control(CIC)

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Certification in Infection Control (CIC) holder’s primary responsibilities is to protect the public by providing standardized measurement in the field of infection prevention control. Infection Perfectionists (IPs) can demonstrate a mastery of this knowledge by taking and passing a comprehensive examination developed by APIC. Certified holders are committed to continual improvement of the infection prevention and control and also committed to patient safety. Certification assures the international recognition of of infection control field. Increasing professional credibility. International organizations are recognizing the CIC credential. Employers recognizes CIC holders’ commitment to professional growth by using their skills and knowledge

Certification Body

Certification Board of Infection Epidemiology (CBIC)

Course Material
  • APIC Text of Infection Control and Epidemiology, 3rd ed
  • The Infection Preventionist’s Guide to the Lab, APIC

Exam Content

  • Identification of Infectious Disease Processes
  • Surveillance and Epidemiologic Investigation
  • Preventing/Controlling the Transmission of Infectious Agents (39)
  • Employee/Occupational Health
  • Management and Communication (Leadership)
  • Education & Research

Exam Information

  • Computer Based Testing (CBT)
  • Applied Measurement Professional (AMP) Testing Provider
  • 150 MCQs
  • 25% Recall of information, 60 % application of knowledge and 15% analysis of situation
  • Minimum Score based on Angoff Method

Eligibility Required

  • Must work in healthcare industry
  • Actively participating in data collection, analysis and interpretation of infection prevention outcome data
  • Actively involving in investigation, surveillance of suspected outbreaks of infection
  • Infection prevention and control should be primary roles / responsibilities
  • Current registration/certification in good standing with the appropriate licensing board /certification/ governing body (e.g. state/provincial medical licensure; state/provincial nursing association or board, etc.),
  • Have a minimum of a baccalaureate (Bachelor’s) degree
  • Have 2 years’ experience in infection prevention and control, which must include active roles in a, b, and c below:
  • Collection, analysis and interpretation of infection prevention outcome data; AND
  • Investigation and surveillance of suspected outbreaks of infection; AND
  • At least 3 of the following additional activities:
  • Planning, implementation and evaluation of infection prevention and control measures;
  • Education of individuals about infection prevention and control;
  • Development and revision of infection prevention and control policies and procedures;
  • Management of infection prevention and control activities;
  • Consultation on infection prevention and control risk assessment, and
  • Prevention and control strategies.


  • Valid for 5 Years
  • Either by CBT or SARE