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Certificate in General Supervision and Site Management

Certificate in General Supervision and Site Management

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General Supervision and Site Management is building effective management and supervisory skills that can help you and your organization succeed even in challenging economic time.

Learning Objectives
  • It helps in setting out the clear guidelines for effective Supervisory Management.
  • It enables the participants to effectively supervise their staff by understanding the key principles of leadership & motivation.
  • To understand the principles of 'effective communication' and how to use communication skills for the certainty of get things done properly, and on time.
  • To enable delegates to understand the values of delegation and prioritising, so they are more effective and efficiency in their work.
  • To examine the principles of effective planning, time management and self-organizing.
  • It gives delegates the greater self-awareness and enables them to improve their relationship with both those who manage their subordinates.
Target Audience
  • Project Engineer / Project Manager
  • Site Engineer / Site Supervisor
  • Forman / Civil Inspectors
  • Mechanical Inspectors / Safety Officers

Course Content

Leadership and Motivation

  • Role of the construction supervisor
  • Helping people perform better
  • Leading and Motivating others
  • Positive feedback
  • Training and orienting crew members
  • Teams and team building
  • Leadership skills in action

Oral and Written Communication

  • Effective communication
  • Learn to listen
  • Carrying on conversations
  • Persuasion, negotiation, and confrontation
  • Communicate with your crew
  • Meetings that work
  • Electronic and Improving communication

Problem Solving and Decision Making

  • Problems in the construction industry
  • Solving the Established problem environment
  • The problem identification process
  • The decision making process
  • Labour costs and subcontractors
  • Effective production planning
  • Production process improvement
  • Project-wide applications
  • Risk, emergencies, and crisis situations

Construction Law & Contract Documents

  • Introduction of contract documents and construction law
  • Creation of positive environment through partnering
  • Contractual relationships
  • Contract forms and documents
  • Managing general conditions
  • Good documentation practices
  • Differing site conditions
  • Negotiation of resolutions

Planning and Scheduling

  • Introduction of Planning & Scheduling
  • Preparing the project plan
  • Communicating the plan
  • The critical path
  • Using the schedule on the jobsite
  • Updating the construction schedule
  • Planning and scheduling

Understanding the Project Costs

  • Introduction to understanding the project costs
  • Construction estimates
  • Reporting and analysing actual costs
  • Planning for cost control
  • Cost control strategies
  • Labour cost variances
  • Managing risk and loss potentials
  • Working with project partners
  • Post-project evaluations

Accident Prevention and Loss Control

  • Introduction of site health and safety management
  • Safety in motivation, leadership and empowerment
  • Planning for site safety
  • Site safety management
  • Site security and protection
  • Multi-employer safety
  • Construction risk management
  • Safety and Human Resources
  • Regulatory procedures, record keeping and documents
  • Understanding reference, using material and advisory resources

Managing the Project - Productivity Improvement - General and Specialty Contractor Dynamics

  • Understanding the project delivery system
  • Managing information
  • Understanding and managing risk
  • Planning and Working on the plan
  • Managing and Understanding the methods materials and finance
  • Working with project partners
  • Understanding corporate policies and procedures


  • Course Completion certificate will be issued after completing 80 % attendance
  • Internal Assessment will be conducted
  • Course completion certificate will be issued after scoring 80 % marks.